Filter Services

High Speed DSL connections are available at very competitive rates. We do not have "teaser" rates that go up unexpectedly in a year. Browse the internet fast and safe with a
DSL connection protected with TVO Blockit Internet filter. Priced as low as $27.95 per month.
DSL Internet with TVO Blockit filtering
Christian Broadband is a high speed internet filter for broadband connections. This internet filter blocks pornography at the server so that pornography and other undesirable content doesn't have the chance to enter your home or business computer. Technical support staff will help you with your internet filtering needs at a prices as low as $6.70 per month.
High Speed Internet filter. Works on your current connection
Our dial-up internet connections are filtered on our serverside filter for "porn free" internet access. For those people that can't get DSL or Cable connections, our Filtered dialup connections are still available at prices as low as $14.95 per month.
Filtered Dialup Access with Internet filter
Your internet filter will be adjusted for your personal needs. Not everyone is the the same. Everyone doesn't need the same level of filtering. Use an internet filter designed for you.
Customer service

You will appreciate the time we spend with you, setting up your filter to meet your filtering needs.
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